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Meetings of the Board
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Meeting 2017 and next AGM

Meetings of the board
in 2017:


The board and committee of  Marinefunker-Runde will meet next:

Date Time  Place   Location  Confirmed
28/03/2017 nn:nn  Wingst   Park hotel Keck    X
22-23/09/2017 18:00  Wingst   Park hotel Keck    X

(Subject to modifications).

Applications please not later than 1 month before !




1st Meeting in 2017

The board of MF-Runde had their first meeting on March 28th in the place of conference of the Park hotel Keck in 21789 Wingst.

Items of the agenda were questions to personnel.
Therefore this meeting will not be open to public.


2nd Meeting in 2017

The board and committee of MF-Runde will have their second meeting in 2017 from Sep 22nd till 2rd in the place of conference of the Park hotel Keck in 21789 Wingst.


Albert DF8LD opened the meeting

VoSi201702_02    VoSi201702_03

meeting participants

VoSi201702_05    VoSi201702_06

Items of the agenda were informations of work, investments for MF, budget planning, special club calls, activities and the following AGM 2018.


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Meeting of the MF-board and committee archive



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The meeting of Board and Committee 2018
of the MF-Runde will take place:

Saturday, Sep 29th 2018
at 10:00 h (LT)

Hotel Admiral Scheer
Strandstr. 92
24235 Laboe

All members will be invited heartily to take part!

For further AGM details please see also separate page! 


The following next AGM with elections will be in 2020 !


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