MF Activity Week 2018


The MF Runde e.V. arranges

from Monday 05th February 2018 to Friday 09th February 2018
daily from 10:00 (UTC) till 18:00 (UTC)

its annual Radio Activity Week. It is not a contest but the aim is more the smalltalk between MF stations and others.

To make the modes RTTY and PSK31 much more active respectectivly the time period
17:00 UTC until 18:00 UTC is designated especially for use in this digital modes.
Non-German MF Club Stations could be worked too during the activity. Therefore, this was another chance to work also rare MF Stations for the popular MF Runde awards.

MF-Anker1            Buro12            MF-Anker1

There are no designated different classes, all stations (incl. clubstations) are working in one and the same class. Likewise there are not any restrictions in modes, even though MF stations regularly working in CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK31.

It is now possible that for the operator of a Club station his personel MF No. will be additional valid as a QSO point. Of course, this Op cannot submit a 2nd log, additionally to the Club station log. This demands sportsmenship and makes equivalent evaluation only possible.

All other MF stations which submit a MF No. maintain this number during the entire MF Activity Weekend.

SWL's log only the one way QSO, not also in reverse order.

Conditions of entry:

Eligible are all amateur radio stations. Aim is to work as much MF stations as possible. That one who works at least 25 MF stations (incl. club stations) will get a very beautiful printed confirmation sheet. That one who works the overall numbers of MF stations will get an appreciation trophy.

MF Activity main frequencies:

CW   3.565    7.025   14.052   21.052   28.052 
SSB   3.625   7.060  14.335  21.360  28.320
PSK31   3.580   7.042  14.072  21.072  28.072
RTTY   3.585   7.045  14.085  21.085  28.085

To submit:

The submitted log list may be sent by snail mail in paper form or as email addendum (XLS, DOC, PDF, TXT, ADIF, Cabrillo legible formats).

Submit to:

Albert Homrighausen (DF8LD)
Am Fliederbogen 2
24980 Schafflund


mailto: df8ld (at)

Deadline 01/03/2018

Operators who only worked a few QSOs are asked to make available their logs too as check logs only.


NEW7  List of MF Club Stations (01/01/2018)  NEW7

400 PI4MRC Marine Amateur Radio Club (MARAC) MF Clubstation Den Helder 
550 DLØMFB MF Club: Berlin MF Clubstation Schoeneiche
600 DLØMFS German Naval Signal School MF Clubstation Flensburg
650 DFØMV MF Club: Bielefeld MF Clubstation Bielefeld
676 OH1AJ Club: FNARS MF Clubstation Turku
723 OI1AXA Minelayer "KEIHAESSALMI" MF Clubstation Turku
725 R2MWO Research Vessel "VITYAZ" MF Clubstation Kaliningrad
825 ON4BRN Belgian Marine Amateur Radio Society (BMARS) MF Clubstation Knokke
850 DLØMFL MF Club: Lunzenau MF Clubstation Lunzenau
875 DLØMFF MF Club: Frankfurt MF Clubstation Frankfurt
885 DLØMFK MF Special Event Station MF Clubstation Hermsdorf *
888 OE6XMF Marine Funker Club Austria MF Clubstation  
900 DLØMFH MV "CAP SAN DIEGO" (freighter) MF Clubstation Hamburg
950 DLØMFW Club station on waterways MF Clubstation Hannover
955 DLØSMD Club station DPØ7 MF Clubstation Buxtehude
960 OZØMF Naval Airship Museum MF Clubstation Tondern
960 OZØNAVY Naval Airship Museum MF Clubstation Tondern
975 DLØMFM MF Special Event Station MF Clubstation Oberndorf
990 DKØSN Salvage tug
MF Clubstation Bremerhaven
995 DLØDMB MF Special Event Station "U995" MF Clubstation Laboe *
999 GB3RN Royal Naval
Maritime Warfare School
MF Clubstation Fareham/Portsmouth
1000 DLØMF MF Club HQ Call
(different OP´s)
MF Clubstation various (= *)
1005 DKØMHD Minesweeper "Atlantis" MF Clubstation Dresden
1010 GB2RN Cruiser HMS "BELFAST" MF Clubstation London
1055 DM3G Maritime museum U461 MF Clubstation Peenemünde
1060 DLØMFX German Forces Nordfriesland MF Clubstation Stadum
1080 DLØSFK Marine-Ships-R/O comradeship Bremen MF Clubstation  
1090 DLØMFN MF Special Event Station MF Clubstation Neubrandenburg
1110 DLØDAN Museum station "Norddeich Radio" MF Clubstation Norden
1130 DM6A IG amateur radio MF Clubstation Mannheim
1160 DLØDAO "Kiel Radio" for Marine-Ships-R/O comradeship Bremen MF Clubstation  
1200 CS5DFG Frigate "D. Fernando II e Glória" MF Clubstation Lisboa


THROPHY  MF Activity Week 2017 (results)  THROPHY

Place Call Naval mem MF remark
1  DJ2IT   MF917  48  
1  DL4ØMFR   MF1140  48  Op DF8LD
2  DLØMFM   MF975  45  Op DL3DBN 
3  OE4PWW   MF1088  43  
4  DF7PM   MF777  39  
5  DF4BV   MF742  38  
6  DLØMFB   MF550  34  Op DF6LI
7  DLØSFK   MF1080  31  Op DL4BCG
8  DLØMFN   MF1090  27  Op DL3RHN
8  OE1TKW   MF1044  27  
9  DLØMFH   MF900  25  Op DL1HBL

All results as download (PDF)

Note: Process of law is excluded!

All informations without engagement !

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