MF-Runde issues for some special reasons and for her club ship stations Special QSL Plaques. For the application of each plaque is only one QSO with the concerning ship's club station or at least one activity QSO necessary.

As confirmation send a copy of the received original QSL card or an event log excerpt which is confirmed by 2 lizenced ham's.

The contact address to get these plaques is:

Dieter TRAXEL (DK 5 PZ) MF 502
von Ehrenberg-Str. 1
54550 Daun

Fon: +49 (0) 6592-3664     Fax: +49 (0) 6592 - 10245


Serie A (MF Activities):

This serie is only issued for participants at special MF Activity Days.
A part of the fee will be used as donation for public benefit of MF-Runde or of Deutscher Marinebund (German Naval Association) to maintain the technical museum "U995" at the Naval Monument in Laboe near Kiel.


Special MF Millenium QSL plaque

Millenium QSL

* Events: 2000 and 2001 Christmas and New Year's nets, MF-Runde Activity Days 2000.


Special MF Submarine QSL plaque

Submarine QSL

* Events: International annual Submarine Events and International annual Museum Ship Events.

All listed submarines or museum ships count (see page "shiplist")

Fees: 5,00 € + postage and packaging: (actual at 04/2002) 2,20 € (for DL/EU) or 4,20 € (for DX).


Serie B (MF club ships):

This serie is issued for all ship MF club stations.

A part of the fee will be used as donation for public benefit for maintenance and operation of the concerning ship's club station. This QSL plaque will be extented almost every 2 years by another MF club ship station.

For particulars of the different MF club ship stations see page "Clubstations".


Special QSL Sailing Training Vessel "GORCH FOCK" (DA 0 GF)

This special QSL was created on the occasion of the 40th service anniversary (1958-1998) of the proud Sailing Training Vessel of the German Navy "GORCH FOCK". This Dreimastbark has been built by the Blohm & Voss Shipyard at Hamburg. Her actual home port is Kiel.

Gorch Fock


Special QSL Research Vessel "VITYAZ" (R 2 MWO)

The Research Vessel "VITYAZ" was built as the German freighter "MARS" which was located in Bremen until the end of the 2nd world war. At the end of the war the ship served under the flag of the German Navy for the evacuation of German refugees from East Prussia. After the war she was in service for Great Britain as "EMPIRE FORTH" and later for the Soviet Union as "EKVATOR" until she was at the end of the 40ties converted to the research vessel "VITYAZ" at the Wismar shipyard. During the 50ties she discovered the deepest geographic place of the global seas, the Marianna Trench. This contributed elementary to the research of the world oceans. At the year 1979 "VITYAZ" was taken out of service. Nowadays she serves as the floating part of the "Museum of the World Oceans" in Kaliningrad (Russia).


Fees: 16,00 € + Postage and packaging: (actual at 04/2002) 5,00 € (for DL), 6,50 € (for EU), 10,00 € (for DX).


Serie C (MF club ship Minesweeper "RUDOLF DIESEL" (DL0DAU)):

This special QSL is issued by the MF ham radio group of the local Naval Association Group Daun on board of the former minesweeper of the US Navy which was in service as assistance ship for the German Federal Navy (specially for torpedo testing).
The present home port of the "RUDOLF DIESEL" is the berth of Senheim at the river Mosel which the ship reached at their own.

It is possible that the serie C QSL may be converted to serie B by the local ham group.


Fees: 11,00 € + postage and packaging: (actual at 04/2002) 5,00 € (for DL) 6,50 € (for EU), 10,00 € (for DX)


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