Award Application and Fees

Please send your applications to: Award Manager MF-Runde e.V.
Timo Schwarz     DK9WE   MF 1019
Schulkoppel 13
24963 Jerrishoe

Please use the new valid MF Award Application Form on which you must sign the "Fair play statement".
All application forms will be checked immediately . Please make sure that the score is correct and that you have listed the MF-numbers for the stations worked. NO QSL CARDS PLEASE.
The new award holders will be announced in the weekly MF bulletins. Please allow some time to prepare the awards, especially when it comes to engraving your callsign for one of the higher awards. We have included postage into our prices to our best knowledge.

- All SW Plaques costs 42,00 € incl. additional engravings, e.g. "CW only", foreign countries
  costs 45,00 €.
- All VHF Plaques costs 25,00 € each. Additional engravings, e.g. "CW only" costs another
  3,00 €.
- Trophy fee is 62,00 € (DL), 68,00 € (all other), Super-Trophy fee is 70,00 €.
  Stickers: First sticker plus wooden plate for the class requires 50,00 €.
  Each following sticker 5,00 €.
  _You can choose the form of the Trophy either as a bell or as a decorative paperwork
  certificate at the fee of 10,00 €.
  If you decide to get the real bell lateron, the fee of the certificate may be deducted from the   62,00 €.
  _You can choose the form of the Supertrophy either as a radio room clock mounted one on a   wooden plate or as a decorative paperwork certificate at the fee of 10,00 €.
  If you decide to get the real clock lateron, the fee of the certificate may be deducted from the   70,00 €.
- The "Cap San Diego Award" costs 13,00 €.
- The "25Years-Jubilee"-Award costs 13,00 € (DL), 15,00 € (all other).
- The MF Clubstation Award costs 10,00 € (DL).
- The MF Clubstation Trophy costs 70,00 € (DL+EU), 80,00 € (all other).
- The MF Clubstation Supertrophy costs 70,00 € (DL+EU), 80,00 € (all other).

IRC's will not be accepted for these awards.

When you apply for an award, please transfer your money to:

MF - Award Account
Volksbank Stade-Cuxhaven eG
Account No.: 230 909 201
Routing Code (BLZ): 241 910 15
IBAN: DE97 2419 1015 0230 9092 01

MF Diploma application form (RTF formatted)

MF search- und wipelist (PDF formatted)
(valid from)

To support your scoring for the application of MF Runde Awards a complete list of all valid call signs ever since MF Runde was founded, can be ordered as hard copy (printout) from the MF Runde Membership Administration (DF7PM). Fees including postage are: within DL 2,50 €, within Europe 5,00 €, outside Europe: fees to be asked. (see on top)



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