Meeting of the MF-board and committee

On popular request we offer the opportunity to have a look
at our meetings of the MF-board and committee


2nd Meeting in 2015

The board and committee of MF-Runde had their extended meeting in 2015 from Sep 04th till Sep 06th in Potsdam. Items of the agenda were i.e. informations of work, investments for MF, budget planning, special club calls and activities.
A special programme was prepared.

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Impressions of Potsdam

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Participants and overall place of meeting 2015102 in Potsdam

After done work and the lunchbreak one met to a common castle round trip on the river Havel.

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Castle tour

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Castle tour

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In the evening for a comfortable end of our meeting one met in local flavour of Berlin pub "Froschkasten".

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Impressions of the pleasant final at "Froschkasten"

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Participants in front of the "Froschkasten"

The extended meeting 2015-02 of MF-Runde
took place on

Saturday, Sep 05th 2015,
at 10:00 h (LT)
at the Pension "Mark Brandenburg"

The agenda was as follows:

Arrival, common lunch at meeting place "Mark Brandenburg".

In the morning: our meeting with 16 participants.
At afternoon: a castle tour on the river Havel.
In the evening: meeting and pleasant final at the "Froschkasten".


All members were invited to take part!


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