Meeting of the MF-board and committee

On popular request we offer the opportunity to have a look
at our meetings of the MF-board and committee


1st Meeting in 2011

The board and committee of MF-Runde had their first extended meeting in 2011 on 09th Apr in Wilhelmshaven. Items of the agenda were i.e. informations of work, investments for MF, budget planning, special club calls in 2011 and activities.


Participants of VOSI 201101 at the Naval museum at Wilhelmshaven

The extended meeting of Board and Committee 2011
of the MF-Runde took place:

Saturday, 09th April 2011
at 10:00 Uhr (LT)


All members were invited heartily to take part!

more to follow

The following next AGM with elections will be in 2012 !


Meeting of the MF-board and committee Archive

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