Meeting of the MF-board and committee

On popular request we offer the opportunity to have a look
at our meetings of the MF-board and committee


1st Meeting in 2006

The board and committee of MF-Runde had their first meeting in 2006 on 18th March in the "Zitadelle" of MF at Wesel. Items of the agenda were i.e. the investments for MF, decisions for the next AGM, the HamRadio 2006, budget planning and special events in 2006.

Vosi200601a    Vosi200601b    Vosi200601c

Preparing work at Vosi
(from left Ruth and Elke - as well as Horst DJ2HN, Alois DF1TX and Heinz DG1KHK)

Vosi200601g    Vosi200601h    Vosi200601i

(from left Hans-Jörg DF4QP, Jürgen DL3HRH, Heinz DG1KHK, Horst DJ2HN and Alois DF1TX)
(Participants in front of the "Zitadelle" of MK "Wesel")
(Hans-Jürgen DK9OS, Alois DF1TX and Horst DJ2HN)

Vosi200601d    Vosi200601e    Vosi200601f

Impressions at the "Zitadelle" of MK Wesel
(from left Alois DF1TX, Heinz DG1KHK, Harald DL5XI, Hans-Jörg DF4QP and Winand)
(Winand, chairman MK Wesel)
(Winand, Hans Werner DL1EKN and Harald DL5XI)


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