Meeting of the MF-board and committee

On popular request we offer the opportunity to have a look
at our meetings of the MF-board and committee


2nd Meeting in 2005


MF club station DL0MFS

The board and committee of MF-Runde had their second meeting in 2005 on 11th june in the officers mess of the former naval base Flensburg-Mürwik. Items of the agenda have been i.e. the selection of personnel for the MF-elections 2005, investments for the MF Navy shop, the AGM 2005/2007 and the HamRadio 2005.

Vosi200502a    Vosi200502b    Vosi200502c

(from left Wolfram DF5LW, Hans Peter DK4VQ, UUUVV Danaa and Kurt DG3LAR)
(Marie-Luise DF7PM and Joey SWL)
(Johannes DL1GF and Jürgen DL3HRH)


The MF-board and committee
(from left top Hans-Jürgen DK9OS and Albert DF8LD)
(from left Marie-Luise DF7PM, Hermann DC7QN, Harald DL5XI,
Fred DL1NL, Jürgen DL3HRH, Hans Werner DL1EKN,


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