Meeting of the MF-board and committee

On popular request we offer the opportunity to have a look
at our meetings of the MF-board and committee


1st Meeting in 2005

Laesoe Rende DF0LR

LV Laesoe Rende

The board and committee of MF-Runde had their first meeting in 2005 on 19th march aboard the former danish lightship "Laesoe Rende" moored in Heikendorf harbour (near Kiel). Items of the agenda have been i.e. the 2005 budget, the selection of personnel for the MF-elections 2005, equipment investments, the AGM, visits and the MF work scheduling for 2005.


The MF-board and committee
(from left top Jürgen DL3HRH, Klaus DF6LI and Fred DL1NL)
(from left Dieter DL2LH, Hans Werner DL1EKN, Egon DJ1IZ, Harald DL5XI, Hermann DC7QN,
Peter DL9SJ, Hans-Jürgen DK9OS and Marie-Luise DF7PM)


Meeting of the MF-board and committee Archive

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