Annual Membership Meeting of the
“Marinefunker-Runde e.V.” 2010

Hafen2    17th - 19th September 2010  Hafen1

This year’s Annual Meeting of the “Marinefunker-Runde” will took place at Linstow (Mecklenburg -Vorpommern).
We had pleasure to invite all our members with their partners, as well as interested guests.

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern   JHV10-Anfahrt   Deutsch

The Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday18/09/2010 (10.00 am) at
"Van der Valk Ressort Linstow"   Krakauer Str. 1 in 18292 Linstow.


The agenda of the AGM was published in MF QTC 01/2010.  

JHV10 Hotel

impressions of the hotel

JHV10 Landhaeuser    JHV10 FranzRaum

This hotel has programmed to be the overall place of 2010ís Meeting of the "Marinefunker-Runde" from where all events will start.

JHV10-01   JHV10-02   JHV10-03

Impressions of the AGM 2010


Participants of the AGM 2010
at the maritime museum of Peenemünde

The following next AGM with elections will be in 2012 !

Archive AGM
Foto archive AGM

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