Annual Membership Meeting of the
“Marinefunker-Runde e.V.” 2007

Hafen2    28th - 29th September 2007  Hafen1

This year’s Annual Meeting of the “Marinefunker-Runde” will take place in Flensburg-Mürwik (Schleswig-Holstein) in close vicinity to the German Baltic coast.
We have pleasure to invite all our members with their partners, as well as interested guests.

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The Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday29-09-2007 (9.30 am)
at “Treffpunkt Mürwik” at Kielseng 30 in 24937 Flensburg.

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Impressions of Flensburg

Accommodations in Flensburg are to be ordered in one’s own responsibility. A list of accommodations in hardcopy form can be obtained from Albert/DF8LD, MF797, against SASE (DIN-A 4 envelope with postage of € 1.45), or downloaded at the MF-Runde web site (


“Treffpunkt Mürwik” has been programmed to be the overall place of  2007’s Meeting of the
“Marinefunker-Runde” from where all events will start.

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Place of conference


Registration form

The agenda of AGM will be published in MF QTC 02/2007 too.  


Apart from the actual General Membership Meeting the following social events have been programmed:

Friday, 28th Sept. 2007
By 06.00 p.m.
Arrival at Flensburg and check-in at accommodations by 06.00 p.m. An information stand at “Treffpunkt Mürwik” will be manned from 03.00 p.m. on, as well as the station DLØMFS on 2m-band (Flensburg relay 145,600 MHz) for instructions.

07.00 p.m.
Dinner in common; followed by social gathering in cosy atmosphere with new members to be introduced.

Saturday, 29th Sept. 2007
09.30 a.m.
Opening of the Annual General Meeting at “Treffpunkt Mürwik”.

Meanwhile, the XYLs to join in a ladies programme guided by Annedore, DH9LAH:

Annedore DH9LAH

Annedore DH9LAH

Guided tour to see the places of interest in the city of Flensburg and to experience the special charm of a sea port that has ever been closely linked to the West Indies, including some testing of rum.

01.00 p.m.
Lunch in common at “Treffpunkt Mürwik”. Thereafter AGM to be continued if need be, or free to dispose of one’s time.


Rand1    Marinefunker Ball 2007    Rand1

07.00 p.m.
The “Marinefunker Ball” marks the great social event of the MF-Meeting, enriched by a comprehensive “Holsteiner-Förder-Buffet” to suit everybody’s taste.

Well-known in our region, the Flensburger band “MuM” (Musik und Mehr) will play for us.

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Banqueting and conference hall

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Review Marinefunker Ball 2003

Berlin171       Kellner

Rand1 Rand1 Rand1

12.00 p.m.
End of ball after the “Hängematten”-Walzer (hammock waltz).
Then return into accommodations or enjoy Flensburg’s nightlife.


Sunday, 30th Sept. 2007
Departure on one’s own option.

09.00 a.m.
For those to stay, we will meet at “Treffpunkt Mürwik” to join in a convoy ride for Tondern/Denmark to the MF club station OZØMF at the Zeppelin Museum, using the cars of our own.



We will get the opportunity to do QSOs from MF960 and to visit the museum. This car ride of 65 km will take almost an hour. Please make sure to have available your identity cards. In fact border controls no longer exist, but you never can tell...
Outside, before the building somewhat remote where also the station OZØMF is to be found, we will have a small rural meal in form of a “Møllhjul” (mill-wheel). This is a Danish speciality consisting of a flat bread filled with meat, fish, sausage, cheese, salads, etc. Such a “Møllhjul” is usually cut and eaten like a tart.

Of course, you’ll also have the option to stay in Flensburg and to visit and operate the club station DLØMFS (MF600). Those who are skilled in climbing may use a companion way to get high up to the previous signalling station on the roof so to enjoy a magnificent view over the Flensburg harbour - provided that weather permits.



Sorry, but the location of DLØMFS does not allow us to offer you any refreshments. In close vicinity, however, you will find a variety of facilities to eat and drink just as you like.

02.30 p.m.
Trip onboard the MV “FEODORA” on the Flensburg Fjord to Kollund/OZ and way back. Duration will be about 90 minutes.


MV “Feodora"

During the trip coffee and cake will be served to appease your hunger. You may take this opportunity here to finish the AGM by pleasant talks in a good tempered atmosphere, making arrangements for your future skeds on the bands.  

04.00 p.m.
End of the AGM social programme.

Please register for attendance by 15th August, 2007, sending Registration form to our central address given at contact.

Guests are warmly welcome - but please remember to announce early in time!

The following next AGM will be in 2008 !

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