24th Annual General Membership Meeting of the
"Marinefunker-Runde e.V." 2005

Hafen2    23rd - 27th September, 2005  Hafen1

This year’s Annual Meeting of the “Marinefunker-Runde“ will take place in the” Wingst”  again (greater Cuxhaven area / Lower Saxony) in close vicinity to the German North Sea coast.
We have pleasure to invite all our members with their partners, as well as interested guests (particularly present and former Navy and merchant marine sailors with close ties to
ship & marine radio communication).


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The Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday24-09-2005 (9.30 am) at
Hotel "Waldschlösschen" in Wingst-Dobrock.

Agenda of the AGM

This hotel has programmed to be the overall place of  2005’s Meeting of the
“Marinefunker-Runde“ from where all events will start.


Hotel "Waldschlösschen"


Hotel3       Hotel5

During the time of the AGM all ladies and non-members will have the chance to go for a short excursion including visit to the Castle of Bederkesa (until lunch time).


Bederkesa Castle

Rand1    Marinefunker Ball 2005    Rand1

In the evening the “Marinefunker-Runde“ will have its traditional "Marinefunker Ball" to take place at hotel "Waldschlösschen" in Wingst-Dobrock this time, with a festive buffet for opening.

Well-known in our region, the Bremerhaven band “Blue Sky” will play for us.

Blue Sky

Blue Sky-Band

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Review Marinefunker Ball 2003

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Rand1 Rand1 Rand1


On Sunday,  25-09-2005, the “MF-Runde“ has organized for a visit to the motor fishing vessel MV “GERA“ in the fishery port of Bremerhaven, which is the last and only surviving big German side set trawler. Subsequently, the “MF-Runde” will join for a genuine maritime lunch together aboard the former training sail ship “SEUTE DEERN“ .


FV Gera

After lunch, it is intended to visit the Deutsches Schifffahrtmuseum (German Maritime Museum) with its variety of museum vessels, as well as the MF club station DKØSN aboard the
ocean-going salvage tug “SEEFALKE“.

Also you’ll be free to go to see the submarine “WILHELM BAUER“ (optional). Besides, this area offers opportunities for refreshment (coffee/tea break).

Windrose_a   Koch2   Windrose_a  

Again opened by a festive country-style buffet, the evening will feature the special highlight of our Meeting throughout: the original Blaue Jungs aus Bremerhaven of the German Navy to appear, well known from TV & broadcasting performances. This Navy choir of the naval operations college of Bremerhaven (MOS Bremerhaven) is conducted by senior chief petty officer Ganzer.

Blaue Jungs

navy choir "Blaue Jungs aus Bremerhaven" ***


On Monday, 26-09-2005, we’ll go for a sea trip by one of the last original large sea excursion ships MV “Wappen von Hamburg“ out to Germany’s one and only high-sea island Heligoland in the North Sea. This island offers facilities for duty-free shopping, as well as for lunch and coffee/tea breaks either aboard or ashore.


island Heligoland **

Helgoland   Ship1_a   Helgoland  


MV "Wappen von Hamburg" *


On Tuesday, 27-09-2005, we’ll have a visit to the Germany Navy according to our tradition. This year’s visit will go to the Marinefliegergeschwader 3 (Naval Air Wing 3) “Graf Zeppelin“ at Nordholz near Cuxhaven, the only naval aircraft squadron left. In addition to attending a report on the tasks, structure and job requirements of the naval aviators, we’ll get the chance for a tour all over the air base, as well as for visiting the various operational aircrafts of the Navy. Having seen the Aeronauticum during our 22nd General Meeting before, there will be NO visit there this time.


Should you carry a cardiac pacemaker please observe the
special regulations prevailing !


submarine hunter Brequet Atlantic ***

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aircrafts of the german naval air squadron ***

In the sequel, we will meet for a fair lunch in the restaurant "Seepavillon" in Cuxhaven (overlooking the sea and the river Elbe while listening the announcements about all ship arrivals and departures). After lunch it is planned for a ceremonial laying of wreath by MF-Runde e.V. in front of the mine-sweeper memorial at the “Alte Liebe”.

In the afternoon, our bus will take us to  Fort Kugelbake in Cuxhaven, the last and only German naval fortress left, where we will take part in a guided tour all through these historic fortifications.

Kugelbake1       Kugelbake2

naval fortress “Kugelbake“

Communal dinner and social gathering in the cosy atmosphere of our hotel (with music entertainment) will mark the end of this year’s 24th “Marinefunker” Membership Meeting.


MF-Meeting 2003
(Pit, DL9SJ & Hardy, DJ1VB)


Please register for attendance by 15th May, 2005, sending registration form to our chairman Harald Joormann, Hamburg. For registration forms please contact him by telephone, fax or
e-mail using the addresses given at contact.

Guests are warmly welcome - but please remember to announce early in time!

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vy 73 es hpe cu in Wingst !


Touring Info



photo archive - AGM

source of photos:
* postcard Seetouristik
** BGuP Heligoland - permission 07-02-2002
*** Press and Information center of the Navy


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