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 Annual General Meeting:


Annual General Meeting of Marinefunker-Runde 2000

from 15th to 18th september 2000

Naval Signal School of Flensburg - Mürwik

This year our annual general meeting will take place from 15. - 18. september 2000 in Flensburg resp. Schleswig near the danish border. There will be an occassion to visit the historic naval communication collection on saturday and the navy memorial & the submarine Type VII C "U 995" on sunday. On monday we shall visit units of the german minesweeping flottilla at Olpenitz-naval base. After lunch we are going to Sonderburg (Denmark).


Annual General Meeting Saturday 16.09.2000 (09:30  h LT) - officers mess of the naval signal school inFlensburg.

After lunch there will be an occassion to visit the communication museum at 14:00 h LT..


In the evening there will be our traditional social event and dinner dance at hotel "Waldschlößchen" in Schleswig (
The music band will be from Marinemusikkorps Ostsee.

On Sunday 17.09.2000 the MF will organize a visit to the german Type VII C submarine (U995) of WWII and the naval memorial in Laboe (near Kiel).

U 995

In the evening there will be a common dinner at  Hotel "Waldschlößchen" in Schleswig  and a performance of a regional seamen (shanty) chorus.

On Monday 18.09.2000, we are going to visit the german naval base in Olpenitz (near Kappeln), where we shall visit minesweepers of the 3rd resp.5th minesweeping squadron (e.g. "MEDUSA", "GEFION") with open ship. After lunch in Mürwik we shall offer a little day trip (afternoon only) to Sonderburg (Denmark) - for sightseeing etc..

german coastal minesweeper

For further informations please contact the 1st chairman or secretary - see address on this website.

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