Photo archive AGM 2008

On popular request we offer the opportunity to look at a selection of
photos of our AGM 2008.

AGM - excursions - 12/10/2008

JHV08-SV300012    JHV08-Bootshaus

Place of conference


Ausflug 1

jhv200804_01 jhv200804_02 jhv200804_03
jhv200804_03 jhv200804_05 jhv200804_06 jhv200804_07 jhv200804_08
jhv200804_09 jhv200804_10 jhv200804_11 jhv200804_12 jhv200804_13
jhv200804_14 jhv200804_15 jhv200804_16 jhv200804_17 jhv200804_18
jhv200804_19 jhv200804_20 jhv200804_21 jhv200804_22
jhv200804_23 jhv200804_24 jhv200804_25 jhv200804_26 jhv200804_27
jhv200804_28 jhv200804_29 jhv200804_30 jhv200804_31 jhv200804_32

Ausflug 2

jhv200804_34 jhv200804_35 jhv200804_36
jhv200804_37 jhv200804_38 jhv200804_39
jhv200804_40 jhv200804_41 jhv200804_42 jhv200804_43 jhv200804_44
jhv200804_45 jhv200804_46 jhv200804_47 jhv200804_48 jhv200804_49
jhv200804_50 jhv200804_51 jhv200804_52 jhv200804_53
jhv200804_54 jhv200804_55 jhv200804_56 jhv200804_57
jhv200804_58 jhv200804_59

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