Photo archive AGM 2007

On popular request we offer the opportunity to look at a selection of
photos of our AGM 2007.

2nd day - AGM - 29.09.2007

JHV07Treff1    JHV07Treff3

Place of conference


jhv200702_3985 jhv200702_3982 jhv200702_3986
jhv200702_3987 jhv200702_3983 jhv200702_3989
jhv200702_3991 jhv200702_3993 jhv200702_3992
jhv200702_3990 jhv200702_4001 jhv200702_3995
jhv200702_4006 jhv200702_3997 jhv200702_4011
jhv200702_4005 jhv200702_4008 jhv200702_4007
jhv200702_4002 jhv200702_4003 jhv200702_4004
jhv200702_4012 jhv200702_4028 jhv200702_4015
jhv200702_4014 jhv200702_4024 jhv200702_4016
jhv200702_4021 jhv200702_4013 jhv200702_4023

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