Photo archive e. AGM 2006

On popular request we offer the opportunity to look at a selection of
photos of our e. AGM 2006.

e. AGM - 21.10.2006

home of Naval Comradship Lüneburg

Home of Naval Comradship Lüneburg

tower of Naval Comradship Lüneburg

jhv200601_2180 jhv200601_2179 jhv200601_2182

jhv200601_2183 jhv200601_2184 jhv200601_2186

jhv200601_2190 jhv200601_2187 jhv200601_2189

jhv200601_2191 jhv200601_2196 jhv200601_2192

jhv200601_2198 jhv200601_2195 jhv200601_2197

jhv200601_2200 jhv200601_2206



Participants of AGM 2006


The new MF Board and commitee
Wolfram DF5LW, Marie-Luise DF7PM, Klaus DF6LI, Hermann DF7QN,
Albert DF8LD, Fred DL1NL and Hans-Jürgen and in front Wilfried DJ6TK

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