Photo archive AGM 2005

On popular request we offer the opportunity to look at a selection of photos of our AGM 2005.

3rd day - AGM - 24.09.2005

jhv200503a1 jhv200503a2 jhv200503a3 jhv200503a4 jhv200503a5
jhv200503b1 jhv200503b2 jhv200503b3 jhv200503b4 jhv200503b5
jhv200503c1 jhv200503c2 jhv200503c3 jhv200503c4 jhv200503c5
jhv200503d1 jhv200503d2 jhv200503d3 jhv200503d4 jhv200503d5
jhv200503e1 jhv200503e2 jhv200503e3 jhv200503e4 jhv200503e5
jhv200503f1 vor2005 jhv200503f3
jhv200503g1 jhv200503g2 jhv200503g3 jhv200503g4 jhv200503g5
jhv200503h1 jhv200503h2 jhv200503h3 jhv200503h4 jhv200503h5

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