Photo archive AGM 2002 - Silver Jubilee

On popular request we offer the opportunity to look at a selection of photos of our AGM 2002.

AGM - 3rd day - 21.09.2002

dscn0049 dscn0051 dscn0050 dscn0725 dscn0075
dscn0079 dscn0078 dscn0741 dscn0076 dscn0080
dscn0059 dscn0065 dscn0737 dscn0731 dscn0738
dscn0074 dscn0073 dscn0732 dscn0727 dscn0058
jhv4 dscn0745 mfoffze dscn0748 jhv2
dscn0095 dscn0093 dscn0094 dscn0092 dscn0097
dscn0102 jhv3 bluesky dscn0105 dscn0108
dscn0123 dscn0124 dscn0122

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