2003 Annual General Meeting of Marinefunker-Runde

BL_Berlin_ani    03. - 07. October 2003  BL_Brandenburg_ani

This year´s Marinefunker-Runde annual meeting occurred in the Berlin/Brandenburg area at Gosen (Oder-Spree rural district) under the motto "Alt-Berlin mit Preussen, Buletten und Berliner Originalen".
All members and interested guests were as always cordially invited.


Haupt4   JHVButton2003   Haupt4

The AGM occurred at Saturday 4th October 2003 09:30 l.t. in the hotel and recreation center "Seddinsee" at Gosen near Berlin-Köpenick/Erkner.


The chairman of the district association of
Deutscher Marinebund (DMB)
Commander Rtd. RCN S. von Leiningen

Berlin0060       Berlin0061

The conference (AGM) in the congress hall

At the same time our ladies discovered historically the suburb Berlin-Köpenick
and joined in front of the town hall the "Hauptmann-Spektakel"


Köpenick with town hall

Haupt1       Haupt2

The Hauptmann (captain) with his guard


Bier2_a Bier2_a Bier2_a Bier2_a Bier2_a  Piano4_a  Bier2_a Bier2_a Bier2_a Bier2_a Bier2_a

The Marinefunkerball at "Seddinsee" in Gosen

In the evening the Marinefunkers arranged their traditional " Marinefunkerball " which at this year also took place in the Gosen hotel "Seddinsse". A band wellknown in this region enjoyed us and their hot music requested for dance. As always were special highlights the
"Funkerlied" as well as "Lili Marleen".

Berlin0161       Berlin0169

Angelika & Terry (G0TBD)                                     Let´s dance             


Gabi´s Mini Band

Berlin0171       Berlin0166

Hermann (DC7QN) & Karl (DK9HU)         

Gitarre2_a   Berlin0192   Gitarre3_a

Sylvia & Harald (DL5XI)

Berlin0155       Berlin0145


Group photo (w/o lady)
(from left: DJ1VB, G0FEK, DL5XI, G0TBD, DF8LD, G1LKJ, G0LEH)


At Sunday 5th Oct. MF Runde organized a city sightseeing tour in the German capital Berlin with stops at the most important objects of interest of the city. After lunch in a restaurant at Grunewald (part of the green belt of Berlin) we could visit the Grunewald Tower (former Kaiser-Wilhelm Memory Tower), and, had a walk to the lake Wannsee with having a coffee or tea.

Berlin_ani    Gruneturm    Berlin

Grunewald Tower and Restaurant

At Sunday evening, as highlight of the event, were being with us the "Langen Kerls" from Potsdam together with the "Hauptmann von Köpenick" (escorted by his Prussian Guard). Berlin street music and funny interludes completed the variety program of MF Runde.


Potsdam "Lange Kerls" (long lads)


Drill with MF


The smoke clears itself..........
..........after the Austrian (Sepp, OE6ESG) has been arrested


dream man seaked, not smaller than 6 feet !

Berlin0297       Berlin0300

Not everyone who is called "Hauptmann" is one.



At Monday, 6th Oct., on the program started with a bus tour to the Broadcast
and Radio Transmission Museum Königs-Wusterhausen (the former largest German broadcast transmission site witch contains special radio technology "rarities").

Berlin0404       Berlin0414

Anno 1936                                              Transmission room


Broadcast and Radio Station Königs-Wusterhausen

Berlin0432       Berlin0435

           Anno 2003                                       Generator

After a lunch in the style of the Berlin 20ties restaurant "Bräustübl" near the Berlin lake Müggelsee, the program contained at afternoon a 3 hour steam ship ride with MV "Babelsberg" together with a cruise on the boat MV "Berlin" (of Marinekameradschaft Köpenick) along the Müggel Hills. The cruises included serving of coffee and cake.
A get-together at dinner in the hotel, with following social, concluded the evening
and this year´s MF Meeting days.



MV "Babelsberg"

Berlin0485       Berlin0492

Any time is .......... coffeetime


MV "Berlin"

Berlin0498       Berlin0496


what shall we do..........
(Pit, DL9SJ & Hardy, DJ1VB)


Brand    Seek-Land    Brand

vy 73 es hpe cu agn in 2005


Photo archive 2003

A photograph CD-ROM with a lot of event photos of the 2003 meeting days can be obtained (against small costs) from our Vice Chairman Hans Werner Niemann in Krefeld
(Address: see Address page).
This offer is limited to our members and the participants of the 2003 meeting days.

The next annual MF Runde meeting (again with maritime program) will take place from
23th September to 27th September 2005 in the Cuxhaven/Wingst area. Particulars will be published at the beginning of 2005, both on our homepage and in the MF QTC 01/2005,
and, in "CQDL" 03/2005.

Schweiz  BRD  Berlin0175  England  Östereich

cheers and beers
Daphne & Bob (G0FEK)


Visitors are welcome - but please announce in time !

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