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Maritime Calender
Boot & fun 2014


Maritime Calender

Event Date
with reservations  2016 
 1. Funkmeister/-in der MF-Runde 01/01 till 31/12/2016 
 MF Activity Weekend 06 till 07/02/2016 
 MF CW Champion 16/02/2016 
 International Museum Ship Radio  Event 04 till 05/06/2016 
 International Lighthouse/ship  Weekend 20 till 21/08/2016 
 MF AGM 23 til 25/09/2016 
 MF CW Champion 15/11/2016 
 International Naval Contest 10 till 11/12/2016 
 MF xmas-greetings on the air (HF) 26/12/2016 


Fair "BOOT & FUN“ Berlin 2014

DLØMFW und DLØMFB active on the fair "BOOT & FUN“
From Nov 27th til Nov 30th the both MF clubstations DLØMFW und DLØMFB were active from the fair called „Boot & Fun“ in Berlin. The Deutsche Marinebund (DMB) gave MF already the second time a chance to give an overview about MF. Operators were Klaus/DF6LI and Werner/DF2OR who made a professional composition in front of the event. Later on Friday Albert/DF8LD completed the crew.

Boot+Fun14-01   Boot+Fun14-02   Boot+Fun14-03


Ham Radio on a fair is a difficult behaviour due to the permanent QRM by the public and also by the installed electronical equipment within the fairs hall.

Boot+Fun14-04   Boot+Fun14-05   Boot+Fun14-06

active on bands

It is mostly not possible to hang antennas as favourable as the operators would like to do. So our windom FD-4 antenna dangled only about 1,5 m above the tinny roof of the building. Unfortunately we were not allowed to hang it in another way.

Boot+Fun14-07   Boot+Fun14-09

members at work

Main mode was CW while a permanent noise level of about S7 made SSB nearly impossible. In spite of this lots of QSO came into the log, also MF stations of course.




It was a great fun for the operators to show the flag of MF on a fair. Many visitors were decoyed by the „peeps“ and this was finally also a profit for the DMB. So we got already an invitation to take part also in the next years fair.

Lyrics by Albert/DF8LD, pictures by Klaus/DF6LI and Albert/DF8LD


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