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On popular request we offer the opportunity to look at the activities of 1st Funkmeister of MF-Runde e.V.

MF 1st Funkmeister/-in
MF 1st Funkmeister/-in 2015 (results)

1st Funkmeister/-in of MF-Runde e.V.   year ....

version 2016
(valid from Jan 1st 2016)


1. The title "1st Funkmeister of MF-Runde" is awarded each year to the best active participants in MF-Runde radio nets and MF-Runde radio events. As incentive those active radio amateurs can achieve prices.

2. The participation in MF-Runde radio nets and MF-Runde or naval radio events is annualy evaluated by a scoring system.

3. The amateur radio station with the highest score gets the title

1st Funkmeister/-in
of MF-Runde   year ....

("First Master Chief Radio of the German MF-Runde in ...")

4a. The winner achieves for the concerning year the title:

1st Funkmeister/-in of MF-Runde

being combind with a bonus (only radio specific usable) up to a value of 200 €. The places 2 and 3 also receive a bonus.

4b. The stations (*) which have already received once a bonus for one of the first three places are closed for the duration of two subsequent years for the bonus.
The stations which book one of the first three places in this period again receive a document for the respective assessment year. Then for the bonus the next evaluated stations move up!
(* )All winners of 2011-2014 and the following.

4c. MF club stations, except "DL0MF", are valued in all rounds with 2 points. The best MF club station receives a certificate.

5. Please note: The legal process is excluded, i.e. against the decision of the evaluation judge is binding but disputes shall be solved by mutual agreement.

6. Scoring table

Radio net/Event Participation Participation
with ZAP
 MF-CW net Sat 4 pts 5 pts 10 pts 1 pts
 MF-SSB net Sun 2 pts 4 pts 10 pts 2 pts
 MF-SSB chat net  Wed 4 pts -- 10 pts 2 pts
 MF-Straight key net  (htp) Thu 3 pts -- 5 pts 2 pts
 MF-CW net Thu 2 pts -- 5 pts 1 pts
 Digital QSOs (*)
2 pts/Stn
 MF-CW-Champion 10 pts -- -- 5 pts
 MF-Activity-WE (*) 10 pts -- -- 5 pts
 Int. Naval Contest (*) 10 pts -- -- 5 pts

Note (*):
To access the "digital radio contacts" the following conditions must be fulfilled:

Operation time:
Monthly each 1st and 3rd Tuesday 1830 to 1930 German local time (LT)
The current dates will be announced in our weekly MF qtc
(Other times are not valid for the "1. Funkmeister der MF-Runde")

Digital MF-Runde frequencies:

PSK31: 3580,15    7042,15    10140,15    14070 kHz
RTTY: 3600,0     7040,0      14085,0 kHz
SSTV: 3735,0     7040,0      14230,0 kHz

A digital QSO counts only if a MF-Runde station (with MF no.) is involved!
About all valid digital contacts the judge must be informed.

Contact information for the judge:

 Ralf Schiffner
 DK8FA / MF1085
 mailto:            dk8fa (at)

7. Evaluation
After completion the MF Traffic Masters (TM) and the Net Control Stations (NCS) submit a
participants list  e. g. sample to the judge.
In radio nets with 10 and more participants please send an EXCEL file to the judge.
The judge leads a proof about the winners.

Traffic Masters of all Saturday CW nets and Sunday SSB nets are determined by the MF-Runde TM list and will normaly use the MF club station


Nevertheless, the TMs have the possibility in using other valid MF club stations.

The MF-SSB chat net on Wednesday will also leaded by a TM/NCS.
For all other nets no rpt no TM are on a list!
At the beginning of all other MF-Runde nets a control station will be agreed.
This allows any participant in net to take over the function as a net control station.

Fairplay and Hamspirit is the motto of our MF-Runde nets !



THROPHY  1st Funkmeister/-in 2015 (results)  THROPHY

Place Call Name Naval Pts
1  DF4BV   Heinz MF742 723
2  DF6LI   Klaus MF371 595
3  DL8LD   Dierk MF274 521
4  DL1NL   Albert MF797 468
5  DK2VN   Manfred MF857 465
Place Call Name Naval Pts
1  DLØMFN   Klub MF1090 52
2  DLØMFB   Klub MF550 28
3  DLØMFM   Klub MF975 27
4  DLØHC   Klub no MF 24
5  DLØSMD   Klub MF955 20

All results as download (PDF)

Note: Process of law is excluded!

All informations without engagement !

Our   KEY7   congrats!

1st Funkmeister/-in 2015 (prices)

Price Call Name Naval
1  DK2VN   Manfred MF857
2  DK9QD   Dieter MF734
3  DL3DBN   Dorothea MF933

Note: Process of law is excluded!

All informations without engagement !

Our   KEY7   congrats!

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