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On popular request we offer the opportunity to look at the activities of 1st Funkmeister of MF-Runde e.V.

MF 1st Funkmeister/-in
MF 1st Funkmeister/-in 2013 (results)

1st Funkmeister/-in of MF-Runde e.V.   year ....

version 2014


1. The title "1st Funkmeister of MF-Runde" is awarded each year to the best active participants in MF-Runde radio nets and MF-Runde radio events. As incentive those active radio amateurs can achieve prices.

2. The participation in MF-Runde radio nets and MF-Runde or naval radio events is annualy evaluated by a scoring system.

3. The amateur radio station with the highest score gets the title

1st Funkmeister/-in
of MF-Runde   year ....

("First Master Chief Radio of the German MF-Runde in ...")

4. The winner achieves for the concerning year the title:

1st Funkmeister/-in of MF-Runde

being combind with a radio specific prize of a value about 200 €.

The MF clubstation with the highest score receives a certificate.

5. Please note: The decision of the evaluation judge is binding but disputes shall be solved by mutual agreement.

6. Scoring table

Radio net/Event Participation Participation
with ZAP
 MF-CW net Sat 3 pts 4 pts 10 pts 3 pts
 MF-SSB net Sun 2 pts 3 pts 10 pts 2 pts
 MF-SSB chat net  Wed 3 pts -- 6 pts 2 pts
 MF-Straight key net  (htp) Thu 5 pts -- 7 pts 3 pts
 MF-CW net Thu 4 pts -- 6 pts 2 pts
 Digital QSOs (*)
2 pts/Stn
 MF-CW-Champion 10 pts -- -- 10 pts
 MF-Activity-WE (*) 10 pts -- -- 10 pts
 Int. Naval Contest (*) 10 pts -- -- 10 pts

Note (*):
To access the "digital radio contacts" the following conditions must be fulfilled:

Operation time:
Monthly each 1st and 3rd Tuesday 1830 to 1930 German local time (LT)
(Other times are not valid for the "1. Funkmeister der MF-Runde")

Digital MF-Runde frequencies:

PSK31: 3580,15    7042,15    10140,15    14070 kHz
RTTY: 3600,0     7040,0      14085,0 kHz
SSTV: 3735,0     7040,0      14230,0 kHz

A digital QSO counts only if a MF-Runde station (with MF no.) is involved!
About all valid digital contacts the judge must be informed.

Contact information for the judge:

 Ralf Schiffner
 DK8FA / MF1085
 mailto:            dk8fa (at)

7. Evaluation
After completion the MF Traffic Masters (TM) and the Net Control Stations (NCS) submit a
participants list  e. g. sample to the judge.

Traffic Masters of all Saturday CW nets and Sunday SSB nets are determined by the MF-Runde TM list. At the beginning of all other MF-Runde nets a control station will be agreed.
This allows any participant in net to take over the function as a net control station.

Fairplay and Hamspirit is the motto of our MF-Runde nets !



THROPHY  1st Funkmeister/-in 2013 (results)  THROPHY

Place Call Name Naval Pts
1  DL1NL   Fred MF779 665
2  DF8LD   Albert MF797 652
3  DL8LD   Dierk MF274 636
4  DF4BV   Heinz MF742 635
5  DF6LI   Klaus MF371 603
6  DD1WG   Hans MF839 430
7  DK2VN   Manfred MF857 372
8  DK9QD   Dieter MF734 365
9  DJ7AC   Wolfgang MF329 350
10  DL3DBN   Dorothea MF933 345

All results as download (PDF)

Note: Process of law is excluded!

All informations without engagement !

Our   KEY7   congrats!

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